I am not going to list what I have done on the field, it is not important. What I will tell you is that I am extremely proud to say that 80% of the players I have coached or worked with have played all 4 years in high school. 50% have played college. I am also a NPA Certified coach which I am very proud of.

There are many theories out there in regards to what makes a successful hitter and/or pitcher. At times it can get confusing and frustrating for the player and the parents. Many coaches will tell you that their way is the only way and the player must mold himself into that particular viewpoint and belief system. In reality, there are only a few absolutes when it comes to pitching and hitting mechanics.

When I schedule lessons for a player, we start with an evaluation for that player. In this evaluation, I spend some time with the player either hitting or playing catch to see where that player is in his development and his mechanical base. After this, I sit down with both player and parent(s) to discuss a course of action and that will allow the player to achieve his/her goals. This plan is molded to fit each individual player. For example, when pitcher is throwing for the first time I will determine his natural arm slot. ALL work after that will be based off of the players natural arm slot and all mechanics will be built around this. I will NEVER have a player change his/her arm slot.

My private lessons are custom made for each individual player. There are no cookie cutter lessons or fitting a square peg into a round hole. However, I do believe that there is one basic absolute fundamental that EVERY player, parent, coach and fan at every level from tee ball to the pros MUST adhere to. The most important aspect of baseball. HAVE FUN!!

Email me now for more details or to schedule lessons. I have limited spots open due to coaching, my own playing schedule and space in the winter. I can also tailor a program for any player to fit their fall and winter sport schedule to have them prepared for baseball and not take away anything from their current sport.


Illinois Youth Baseball Coaches Association

The Illinois Youth Baseball Coaches Association is an organization whose goal is to help youth coaches become more knowledgeable in the sport and help them be better coaches.

There has been an explosion of travel teams, tournaments and games for kids 14 and under over the past 5 years alone. Parents volunteer there time to coach these teams and are sometimes bombarded with information on how to coach, what to coach, this is right, that is wrong, etc etc.

The IYBCA goal is to help sort out the vast amount of information that is out there and break it down so that it makes sense to the coachs. THe IYBCA does not and will not tell you what is right or wrong, but instead, through coaches clinics and seminars, help you understand the different philosophies and the WHAT AND WHY behind them.

For more information about the IYBCA and clinic dates, please visit the website www.iybca.com


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